Nicole Willemsen-Seegers and Joost Uitdehaag will attend the NWO Chemical Sciences conference CHAINS 2014, that will be held in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) on November 17th and 18th.

On Monday, November 17th, Joost Uitdehaag will give a presentation on SynergyFinder™ in the parallel session ‘Integrative structural cell biology: Structure, Dynamics and Cellular context’ in room 82/83 from 16.00-16.20.
Title: Analysis of the cancer gene targeting of clinical kinase inhibitor drugs by combining cellular and biochemical profiling

On Tuesday, November 18th, Nicole Willemsen-Seegers will present a poster on the application of NFK Green™ for high-throughput screening and the new NFK GreenScreen™ assay for mouse IDO1 that was recently developed.
TItle: Identification of inhibitors of tryptophan metabolizing enzymes for cancer immunotherapy by high-throughput screening
Poster number: MBB-138