NTRC has extended its Oncolines™ cancer cell line panel to 66 cancer cell lines. The Oncolines™ panel represents a broad range of tumor tissues and all most frequent genetic changes in human cancer. The previous version of Oncolines™, consisting of 44 cancer cell lines, has been used for the profiling of more than 200 compounds, small molecules and biologicals, that are either experimental therapeutics or registered drugs. NTRC provides Oncolines™ as a service to customers all over the world and is distinguished by its high reproducibility and rapid turn-around.

“The extended panel provides to customers a larger choice of cell lines for customized studies.” Dr. Suzanne van Gerwen, Sales Manager NTRC Services said. “This is particularly useful for customers with a focused interest in specific cancer types.” The extended panel also gives more opportunities for the design of combination studies with pre-profiled compounds in SynergyFinder™.

Dr. Guido Zaman, Managing Director & Head of Biology of NTRC is confident that the extended panel will impact on the customer’s drug development projects. “We are fast and flexible, yet robust in our way of working.” The new Oncolines™ panel is validated for three days and five days incubation time with compound. The latter is often applied for the profiling of modulators of epigenetic targets.

The discovery of genomic drug sensitivity markers by using Oncolines™ profiling was published earlier this year in PLOS ONE and customers have presented data generated with NTRC’s cancer cell line profiling service at scientific conferences.

For more information, please visit our website www.ntrc.nl/services or send an e-mail to services@ntrc.nl.

NTRC is a privately-owned biotech company in Oss, The Netherlands. NTRC translates novel ideas in disease biology into small molecule drug candidates using its proprietary technology platforms Oncolines™, SynergyFinder™, ResidenceTimer™ and EntropySelect™ . These technologies can be applied in an integrated drug discovery service, or ordered separately. In Europe NTRC represents the Phosphoproteomics by RPPA and QuickScout™ kinase profiling service of Carna Biosciences, Inc. in Japan, Carna represents NTRC’s drug discovery services, including the Oncolines™ 66 cell line panel.