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  • Kloosterstraat 9
    5349 AB Oss
    The Netherlands
  • Pivot Park, RE2205
    Kloosterstraat 9
    5349 AB Oss
    The Netherlands
  • Oncolines B.V.
    Building OP

    Kloosterstraat 9
    5349 AB Oss
    The Netherlands

  • IBAN: NL87 RABO 0143349260

  • VAT number: NL 862962638B01

  • Chamber of commerce: 83699821

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Test Our Integrated Precision Medicine Approach

Fee-for-service and
collaboration via an integrated precision medicine approach

Continuous screening:
Turnaround time starts at day of arrival of compounds at Oncolines and
ends with transfer of final report and primary data

Primary data and study report shared via a secured link

Achieve Reproducible Results and Short Timelines

Proliferation assays and bioinformatics, drug combination studies and
cell-based assays to determine mechanism of action

Biochemical assays to characterise the binding of drug candidates to the target;
surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for binding kinetics, kinase activity screening, in vitro proof-of-concept studies