Oss, September, 19th , 2017 – At the 15th Annual Discovery on Target (DOT) conference to be held in Boston (USA) on 25 – 29 September, Dr. Guido Zaman will present on NTRC’s TTK drug discovery program and its ResidenceTimer™ platform.

Title: Targeted residence time-guided optimization of TTK inhibitors

Kinase Inhibitor symposium, Thursday September 28th, 9:05 – 9:35 a.m.

The interactive breakout discussion on the topic of: New kinase inhibitor targets in cancer immunotherapy will be chaired by Dr. Zaman.

Kinase Inhibitor symposium, Thursday September 28th, 8 to 9 a.m.

NTRC’s high-througput SynergyScreen™ platform for identification of novel synergistic drug combinations will be presented during the poster session by Dr. Suzanne van Gerwen.

Title: Novel synergistic drug combinations of PARP, bromodomain and TTK inhibitors by large scale screen of 150 anti-cancer agents

Exhibition area, Wednesday September 27th p.m. and Thursday September 28th a.m. and p.m.

About NTRC

NTRC is a precision medicine company dedicated to the development of new anti-cancer drugs. NTRC facilitates the development of novel therapies by providing cancer cell line profiling services (Oncolines™, OncolinesProfiler™, and SynergyFinder™) and target residence time measurements for protein kinases (ResidenceTimer™) on a fee-for-service basis. NFK GreenScreen™, an assay read-out for the cancer immunotherapy drug targets IDO1 and TDO, is supplied to clients globally. For more information please visit www.ntrc.nl or contact info@ntrc.nl