Oss, Copenhagen, December 04th, 2015 – NTRC (Netherlands) and Vipergen ApS (Denmark) announced that they have received support from the EUREKA Eurostars Programme for their research on the identification of novel drug candidates for cancer immunotherapy. Immunotherapy restores the body’s own defense against cancer cells. In the Eurostars project ‘ImmunoTherapyScreen’ NTRC and Vipergen ApS will further develop and expand their technology platforms for small molecule drug discovery. The project thus builds on NTRC’s Oncolines™ cancer cell line profiling service and on Vipergen’s DNA-encoded library technologies. The two companies will address targets that are difficult-to-drug with the aim to identify new starting points for the development of new anti-cancer therapies.

About Vipergen ApS

Vipergen is dedicated to small molecule drug discovery using DNA-encoded library platforms. Vipergen seeks to leverage its innovative and proprietary drug discovery platforms in partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Vipergen´s two 2nd generation technology platforms – The YoctoReactor® for synthesizing DNA-encoded chemical libraries and Binder Trap Enrichment® for screening of such libraries – are designed to deliver high fidelity drug discovery. For further details about Vipergen and the YoctoReactor®/ Binder Trap Enrichment® drug discovery technology platforms please visit www.vipergen.com or contact: nha@vipergen.com

About NTRC
NTRC is a precision medicine company dedicated to the development of new anti-cancer drugs. NTRC facilitates the development of novel therapies by providing cancer cell line profiling services (Oncolines™, SynergyFinder™ and OncolinesProfiler™) and developing new enabling technologies, such as NFK GreenScreen™. In addition, NTRC develops own novel targeted therapies based on small molecules, such as selective inhibitors of TTK (Mps1) protein kinase for chromosomal unstable tumors and inhibitors of the tryptophan metabolizing enzymes IDO1 and TDO for cancer immunotherapy.