Rogier Buijsman and Suzanne van Gerwen will attend CHI’s 9th Drug Discovery Chemistry conference held in San Diego from April 23rd to 25th.

On Thursday, April 24th, Rogier Buijsman will chair the afternoon session, entitled ‘Optimizing next generation kinase inhibitors’.

On 1.40 p.m. he will give a presentation on the profiling of kinase inhibitors in Oncolines™.

The title of the presentation:
‘Combining cellular and biochemical panel profiling for the development of selective kinase inhibitors’

In addition, Rogier Buijsman and Suzanne van Gerwen will present two posters. One poster focuses on NTRC’s new service, ResidenceTimer™: the determination of binding kinetics and target residence time of kinase inhibitors using Biacore T200 and Carna’s biotinylated kinases. The other poster focuses on Oncolines™.

Titles of the posters:
‘Next generation kinase panel screening measuring target residence time and kinetic selectivity’
‘Drug sensitivity markers for approved kinase inhibitor drugs from cell panel profiling’

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