Oss, November 12th, 2014 – NTRC B.V. and Pivot Park Screening Centre B.V. (PPSC) today announced that they have joined forces in establishing high-throughput screening services. Under the agreement NTRC and PPSC will align their assay development and high-throughput screening expertise to provide an integrated screening platform for their customers. The screening platform will make use of the Pivot Park screening library that consists of 200,000 diverse, high quality, drug-like small molecules. The library is based on a Merck/MSD donation augmented with newly acquired compounds from a variety of sources.. Clients that make use of the Pivot Park Screening Library will have clearly defined exclusivity of the hits identified on their target of interest.
“High-throughput screening at the Pivot Park Screening Centre complements the structure-based drug discovery approaches we perform at NTRC,” said Rogier Buijsman, Managing Director and Head of Chemistry of NTRC. “It adds to the existing NTRC Services.”
NTRC already provides assay development service for compound profiling for clients and has developed a novel assay technology for assaying enzymes involved in the metabolism of tryptophan. These enzymes are important drug targets for cancer immunotherapy and neurodegenerative disease. “The agreement with the PPSC enables NTRC to validate the novel assay technologies we develop by screening large compound libraries in small volumes,” said Guido Zaman, Managing Director and Head of Biology of NTRC. “This adds to the validation package we can provide to customers of NTRC.”
‘’This collaboration between PSSC and NTRC makes optimal use of the capabilities present at the Pivot Park and underlines as well as the strength of the scientific community present here in Oss’’, according to Jules de Vet, interim manager Pivot Park.

Netherlands Translational Research Center B.V. (NTRC) is a company based in Oss, the Netherlands, that develops scientific ideas into small molecule drug candidates. In addition, NTRC Services provides fee-for-service activities to pharmaceutical industries in the field of chemical biology and compound profiling, using its technology platforms Oncolines™, SynergyFinder™ and EntropySelect™. For more information on the drug discovery activities of NTRC or NTRC Services, see the website of NTRC: www.ntrc.nl , or send an e-mail to info@ntrc.nl.

Pivot Park Screening Centre B.V. (PPSC) is part of Pivot Park. The Screening Centre provides services in the field of lab automation and High Throughput Screening (HTS) to find new leads for the development of (candidate) drugs. The screening facility includes state-of-the-art robotic facilities and an extensive collection of 200,000 high quality drug-like compounds.